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Monday, 18 June 2018
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Recessed RCA to F

Recessed RCA Female to F Female Inserts    Gold Plated

Recessed RCA Female ColourWallplate to Suit Part No.
to F FemaleBlueDigitek 05BC2B
to F FemaleBlackDigitek 05BC2BK
to F FemaleGreenDigitek 05BC2G
to F FemaleOrangeDigitek 05BC2O
to F FemaleRedDigitek 05BC2R
to F FemaleWhiteDigitek 05BC2W
to F FemaleYellowDigitek 05BC2Y
to F Female (Black)BlueDigitek 05BC2BBK
to F Female (Black)BlackDigitek 05BC2BKBK
to F Female (Black)GreenDigitek 05BC2GBK
to F Female (Black)OrangeDigitek 05BC2OBK
to F Female (Black)RedDigitek 05BC2RBK
to F Female (Black)WhiteDigitek 05BC2WBK
to F Female (Black)YellowDigitek 05BC2YBK
to F FemaleBlueHPM 05BH2B
to F FemaleBlackHPM 05BH2BK
to F FemaleGreenHPM 05BH2G
to F FemaleOrangeHPM 05BH2O
to F FemaleRedHPM 05BH2R
to F FemaleWhiteHPM 05BH2W
to F FemaleYellowHPM 05BH2Y
to solder rearBlueHPM 05BH3B
to solder rearBlackHPM 05BH3BK
to solder rearGreenHPM 05BH3G
to solder rearRedHPM 05BH3R
to solder rearWhiteHPM 05BH3W
to solder rearYellowHPM 05BH3Y

Part No.: BC2*/H2*/H3*

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