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Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Rg6 Quad Reel

Digitek Rg6 Quad Reel Austar Approved

      Part No.
Digitek Rg6 Quad Reel Austar Approved Black 300m 02BDRG6QR
Digitek Rg6 Quad Reel Austar Approved Black 100m 02BDRG6QR1
Digitek Rg6 Quad Reel Austar Approved White 300m 02BDRG6QWR
Digitek Rg6 Quad Reel Austar Approved White 100m 02BDRG6QWR1
Digitek Rg6 Quad Mess. Reel Austar Approved Black  02BDRG6QMR

RG6 Quad Shield Ariel Coaxial Cable

OBJECT Coaxial Cable Customer Digitek Pty Ltd
GRADE RG6 Quad Shield With Messenger
Conductor mm 1.02±0.01mm Copper Cover Steel
Dielectric Thickness 1.77mm Foam polyethylene
Diameter 4.57±0.05mm
AL Tape Bonded Aluminum/Poly tape/
Outer conductor Braiding Coverage 0.16±0.005 x 64WIRE
Coverage 60%
0.16mm Aluminium
Dual AL TAPE Nonbonded Aluminum/Poly tape/ Aluminum
Braiding Coverage 0.16±0.005 x 48WIRE
Coverage 40%
0.16mm Aluminium
Jacket wall thickness 0.70mm PVC UV
Diameter Over Jacket 7.2±0.05mm  
Messenger * *Only with Part No. 02BDRG6QMR 1.30±0.01mm Steel*  
(1000MHz, 20 deg C)
Network Analyzer
5 MHz <1.9 dB  
55MHz <5.3 dB  
211MHz <10.0 dB  
270 MHz <11.0 dB  
300 MHz <11.6 dB  
330 MHz <12.3 dB  
400 MHz <13.6 dB  
450 MHz <14.4 dB  
550 MHz <16.2 dB  
750 MHz <19.0 dB  
870 MHz <20.6 dB  
1000 MHz <21.80 dB  
Sparker test AVC   4000  
Inner Voltage V   3000 Conductor to shield
Impedance ohms   75±3  
Velocity propagation %   82  
V.S.W.R(Return loss)     <1.2 (>20 dB ) 100% swept test
Insulation Resistance Meg ohms   >1000 (20degC)  
Capacitance pF/m   53  

Download a specification PDF HERE

Part No.: BDRG6Q**
Length: 0cm   Width: 0cm (Assembled)

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